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Because we all need some magic when energy is low and demands are high. Roast salmon with a simple, yet impressive honey-mustardy-thymey glaze, can whip together for a weeknight meal or for a special dinner party or even a weeknight meal that feels like a special dinner party.

The Google Cafeislegendary for providing employees with free gourmet meals at nearly anytime of the day. I caught an interview with one of the Google chefs, once upon a time, who shared this recipe for a quick teriyaki marinade that seemed too simple to be good, but I’ve been making … Read More

Once upon a time, long before my obsession with puns,I had the privilege of living in Iowa. I worked at an elusive consulting firm that sometimes felt more like The Firm than just a neighborly business within the wholesomeness of Iowa. My tribe of single, young adults, spent much of … Read More

It’s officially spring but winter and seasonal depression lag. In winter, and I’m speaking from having lived in Wisconsin, Chicago and New York, I craved maybe the worst foods to lift me from the winter doldrums. Comfort foods like potatoes, breads, pastas, and cookies – warm chocolate chip cookies – … Read More

Is there a more perfect food than salmon? Easy to cook, good hot, cold, plain or dressed up AND super good for your heart. All those omega-3’s smooth your french fry ruffled arteries and calm your palpitations. Summer time is salmon time in Seattle but even here we … Read More

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