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Found under SuperFast entrées in this favorite publication, this recipe had everything going for it. I said yes, please. If you don’t think scallops are your thing or maybe they’re to hard to come buy, I ask you to reconsider understanding that this powerful protein packed mollusk is low-fat, low-cholesterhol … Read More

What to do with leftover seafood? Freeze. Toss.Cook.Cat food. Who has leftover seafood?

Soup is one answer or something more hearty, a risotto or paella. More interesting, however, is the Whole Foods and Peruvian answer, make ceviche. Cooking fish either way – heat or citrus – sustains its life by killing … Read More

Ceviche is fish that’s been marinated and ‘cooked’ by citrus juices. The taste is succulent, fresh, light for summer, and low calorie. This is one of our favorite dishes especially whenever I’m needing to shed a few pounds which means ceviche is on the menu quite often. It’s bold … Read More