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Change of seasons in Southern California is determined by the shade of grass and the thickness of sweaters. In deep January, believe me, we are grateful, but without harsh winters, we just don’t celebrate summer like everyone else. There’s a quiet in our town. Sometimes I miss that authentic neighborhood … Read More

This rave-worthy fare offers all we need out of a summer recipe. Little effort, big flavor and temperature agnostic to survive and thrive at most barbecue buffets. We like to say it’s food served “roomcoldhappysad,” borrowed from a favorite satirical articleexploiting absurdities of restaurant dining. Take five to read the … Read More

Our friends Patti & Scott hosted the most groovy pool party at their mid-century modern home. Primo sunset and food. We brought cracknutsand an avocado + mandarine salad I promise to post in coming days. But, Patti made the most succulent shrimp dish that was devoured in an instant. You … Read More

Global warming a myth? My dead plants and asthmatic cat beg to differ.

Unusually warm summer westcoast nights reminded me of the other, more balmy, coastal nights which reminded me of shell fish and then lobster rolls or shrimp rolls in this case. All thoughts lead to food. Starting with last … Read More

If you’re tired of theprevailing methodfor shrimp perfection, Michael Ruhlman’s mouth-watering preparation is impossible to pass up and impossible to ruin. In the Butter chapter – and he had me at butter chapter – from his James Beard Award winning cookbook,Twenty,Ruhlman dissects twenty cooking techniques and foods from Water to … Read More

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