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A well-stocked cupboard is essential for turning out good meals in a crunch. Although I love to collect exotic dried beans at the farmers market, cooking them is usually a weekend activity. Thank goodness my mother-in-law, Cuban queen of beans, taught me that canned beans are a perfectly acceptable substitute … Read More

1. Egg White Tostada

Egg white tostadas are only easy when you’re using ingredients that are readily available in your kitchen, which most likely occurs when you have remaining items from another meal, or if you live in Southwestern states and can’t help yourself at the farmer’s market when you see … Read More

Spinach didn’t make it back into my diet until about ten years ago when I learned that there was more to this vegetable than the stringy, processed, canned version Popeye raved about. The one time we had a cartoon character pitching healthy foods and it had to be canned. Me … Read More

Am the only one who gets excited to go to Whole Foods? Intense colors displayed in hypnotic patterns that trigger visions of what I might create and could become. I daydeamed by thegargantuan wheel of asiago cheese on which bosc pears were displayed imagining thatthese would be perfect for my … Read More

Chopped spinach, egg whites, a pinch of shredded cheese and then microwave in an egg poacher for two minutes. No oil needed.

Get creative, add any veggie you have on hand. I find that it’s easier to get veggies in the morning within some egg white concoction then to eat raw. … Read More