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Risotto takes time.  Not arduous time like, for instance, childbirth. Time, like the mediation portion of your yoga class, time.

Sizzle arborio rice in olive oil and then let the liquid incorporating dance begin. You could do this in your sleep or while striking a tree pose.


Clinging to summer like a peach to a pit. Tomatoes – grilling – white mozzarella before Labor Day.  Even though I hear carpool honks around the neighborhood in the mornings and Griffin worked on homework last night, I’m in disbelief that summer is coming to a close.  I’ve cooked so … Read More


Guys I’m back at it; both in the kitchen and ready to post.  The start of summer brings birthdays galore in our family; combined with graduations, family reunions, and summer travel it’s all a girl can do to get responsible again. We’ve been taking big glorious trips with our two … Read More


Fish, so often, is one of those foods you save for restaurant meals.  Home kitchen avoidance begins with doubt that we can really prepare this seemingly delicate protein with any skill.  And its limited refrigerator shelf life and cooking odors don’t help either.  Here’s where Adam Rappaport, editor of Bon … Read More

pork ragu

Anything boasting “instant dinner party” catches attention because it must mean that it’s even easier and special for family meals.  Braised pork ragu over tagliatelle is a hearty meal ideal for cozy eves, yet proves to be a welcome feast for weary weeknights after long work and school days.  It … Read More

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