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Ever since a Santa Fe girlfriends’ weekend, I’ve been craving a rice bowl meal. Thisspicy tuna bowl relies on the salty rich tang of Japanese seasonings combined with wake-up your palate dressing and then it’s loaded with veggies. Sriracha brings the spice instead of the usual suspect, wasabi, because we’re … Read More

For a minute this past summer, we planned a European trip for when our son would be away at camp. Don’t you just hear ‘European’ and think of strolling, food, wine, scarves, American shaming? My more adventurous better half thinks more of conquering places we’ve never been, something say Berlin-ish. … Read More

It’s officially spring but winter and seasonal depression lag. In winter, and I’m speaking from having lived in Wisconsin, Chicago and New York, I craved maybe the worst foods to lift me from the winter doldrums. Comfort foods like potatoes, breads, pastas, and cookies – warm chocolate chip cookies – … Read More

Ahi tuna steaks were on sale, so we found ways to make them the basis for this week’s meals. I served the grilled tuna on the first night and then the other two meals became my “fast food” later in the week. If you want to go really fast, make … Read More