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We could say this is all about portion control for diners whose plates look like this. Or it’s a low calorie approach using only the leaner, meaner white meat. And, the eye appeal is undeniable. But, the real reason to roll your own, is the ease of combining two dishes … Read More

I was told this week, by my 15 yearold son, that he needs more protein in his diet and hearty meals to feed his strong hunger brought on by grueling basketball practices and weight training. I like to think we’ve aided his growth all along. He’s 6’4″, an anomaly in … Read More

Let’s say that I started this post for the Super Bowl and now it’s become a March Madness idea. Good thing turkey jerky lasts that long.

I have been negligent here because of some travel and some moving of my dad from Denver to Santa Monica – now he’ll have to … Read More

Leftovers need rebranding. Can we consider leftovers to be more like heightened ingredients? Super-ingredients that give us a headstart toward another meal. Uber-ingredients that are a crunchtimer’s dream. Ultra-ingredients that make miracle meals out of real food in minutes. No, they’re not leftovers at all. They’re mealstarters. Mealstarters that turn … Read More

Stuffing. What? youse got your bread, vegetables, seasonings, salt, some more salt – badda bing! If stuffing’s never been your assignment on Thanksgiving, be brave because we have a recipe that’s a doozy.

Apologies to my Jersey friends, but we are at The Shore in Southern Cal all week because the … Read More

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