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Until this morning, I didn’t know that snacking on oyster crackers had anything to do with my daughter’s imminent departure to college. Tomorrow, we’ll take her back to New York, where she began her education sixteen years ago and likely will finish it there.

If you’re tired of theprevailing methodfor shrimp perfection, Michael Ruhlman’s mouth-watering preparation is impossible to pass up and impossible to ruin. In the Butter chapter – and he had me at butter chapter – from his James Beard Award winning cookbook,Twenty,Ruhlman dissects twenty cooking techniques and foods from Water to … Read More

An author once told me that much to her objection, publishers made her put the word Diet in the title of her book or it would not sell. I assume the same happened to the authors of another book I’ve discovered thanks to my dad, who lemmings after all things … Read More

If I tell you that these homemade cinnamon rolls are easy, would you believe me? Admittedly, slightly (just slightly) more elbow grease will go into these gooey wonders than cracking open a tube of the Pillsbury laboratory project, but the taste is better here and these somewhat nutritious ingredients appear … Read More

Something about chicken pot pie conjures images of snow days when I watched others shovel snow from while I sat on the other side of the picture window all warm and lazy. My mom never made chicken pot pie; perhaps it was too exotic for middle Wisconsin, yet that’s how … Read More

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